AMMO INCORPORATED® is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of performance-driven, high-quality and innovative ammunition products, in the sporting industry. To maintain the strength of our brands and drive strong revenue growth, we invest in product innovation and technology to improve product performance, quality and affordability while providing great support to our retail partners and our consumers.

We pride ourselves in our American heritage. We proudly use the finest American made components, manufacture our products in Payson, Arizona and every round is meticulously inspected by US Citizens; we set out to create jobs for Americans. The ammunition we build performs like high end custom hand loaded ammunition, but is sold at competitive prices. We strive to be the leading innovator of center-fire ammunition for military, law enforcement, and civilians. Every load is developed for a specific purpose with a focus on consistency, accuracy, and even, in some cases, felt recoil. Each round is designed, manufactured, inspected and packaged to bring a superior shooting experience to our end consumer.

We believe we can never stop improving and innovating our products, service and marketing efforts. Safety, consistency, and precision are of paramount importance throughout our manufacturing processes. Every round is chamber gauged and hand inspected, with redundant quality control checks. We want to make sure that every round of our ammunition has been carefully inspected and delivers the quality and performance that is expected from our brands.

Every load we make is carefully designed and engineered for a specific purpose. Our development team determines the optimum balance of velocity, accuracy and recoil for each load. Rather than just push “hot loads” that travel faster, but generally at the expense of accuracy and hand comfort, our load specific development team carefully analyzes every load and ballisticians work toward a specific outcome.

Our HyperClean technology allows our consumers to shoot more and clean less. We want to make sure our customers have the ultimate shooting experience and not suffer the tedious aftermath of residual residue over load.

We utilize the some of latest and best technology in the industry. Our manufacturing facility and our processes meets all SAAMI and Mil Spec. All production is carefully run by highly trained ammunition technicians and seasoned quality control inspectors which hand inspect each and every round prior to packaging.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Wagenhals first founded Action Performance Companies Inc. in 1992 with a vision of creating a Franklin Mint-like company that would merchandise replica die-cast race car collectibles and other motorsports memorabilia. Wagenhals’ company quickly eclipsed his original vision and turned into a one-stop source for motorsports-related consumer merchandise.

A native of Marion, Ohio, Wagenhals was Action’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, who, for more than 20 years, has distinguished himself as an accomplished inventor and entrepreneur. By the age of 21, Wagenhals established his reputation as an innovator with the various inventions he designed, built and patented. Those inventions included a two-man, jet-pumped boat design used in jet ski watercrafts; 1:3-scale, gas-powered mini-cars used in various television shows and films; and, a computerized motor that powered the mechanical bulls popularized by the 1980 move Urban Cowboy.

Through his business acumen, Wagenhals became a major force in motorsports. He is widely recognized as one of the industry’s most influential personalities. At Action Performance, he shaped the company by negotiating long-term, exclusive licenses with motorsports’ most popular drivers and teams; by using diverse distribution channels and disciplined branding; and, by maintaining an outstanding reputation for creativity, quality and authenticity.

In those 12 years Action Performance embodies Wagenhals’ entrepreneurial drive and innovative spirit. Over those 12 years Action Performance Companies product sales grew to over $400 million dollars in sales per year. Action was sold in 2005 for $245 million dollars.

Wagenhals is a 1997 Arizona Entrepreneur of the Year Award recipient for the Retail/Wholesale Category. He also was honored as the Anheuser Busch Entrepreneur in Residence for 1997 – 98 at the University of Arizona College of Business and Public Administration.

In 2010 Wagenhals was inducted into The Die-Cast Hall of Fame. In 2011 Wagenhals was named Professor of the Year for teaching a sports entrepreneurship class at the University of Arizona. Recently, Wagenhals has been involved in numerous projects ranging from real estate development to global digital print service for turnkey technical companies.

Chief Financial Officer

Ron Shostack, an accomplished financial executive, brings 40 years of experience launching, building and selling multiple businesses in industries including financial services, manufacturing, eCommerce and web development.

Ron served as the director of Strategic Planning for a $2 billion rollup in the personnel industry after building the largest PEO in Arizona with annual revenue of more than $200 million.

He has experience with corporate turnarounds having purchased and rebuilt a failing healthcare collections company which he expanded to 350 collection employees then sold to a major financial services provider.

Ron also brings strong CFO and audit experience to the company gained at a national accounting firm early in his career.

Ron spent the last 10 years working on private ventures. He provided financial consulting to AQ Live, LLC an Austin, TX eCommerce facilitator from February, 2015 through December 2015 then held the position of CFO of AQ Live from January, 2016 through August, 2016.

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